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Congratulations on your first contract since graduating, how amazing, a lead role in a short play HOME with @frameworktheatrecompany

"Home" is a series of four short plays written by young, female/non-binary writers based in the Lothians.

Arran appears as EDEN in Play 2 "Expecting" by Joe Hunter

Eden, a non-binary person, is about to start the biggest journey of their life. When they get a call from their hometown hospital regarding their estranged father, Eden must come to terms with the life they’ve left behind in order to continue the life they’ve built.

Each play challenges perception, presenting a version of "Home" that reflects each playwrights unique style.

Friday 12 November 2021 at the

Scottish Storytelling Centre

Tickets are still available - book now to avoid disappointment @

Well done Arran, we wish you a great run!

FHMaking It Happen!

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