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FHM really enjoyed watching the dress rehearsal of one of the groups that are performing....

"Little Women"

This show was very professional, we enjoy watching TTC graduates every year and highly recommend this college to those wishing to pursue a career in the performing arts.

The lead roles being played today by:-

Alisha Hannah Jones

who was so strong and outstanding in both acting and singing, a fabulous American accent and great comical skills.

Courtney Skeggs

really enjoyed watching this young performer again, she has grown even more as a performer, very enjoyable to watch as usual.

Hannah Dale

a beautiful young actress with fabulous acting and singing, wonderful stage presence!

Jasmine Boussateha

really enjoyed watching this young graduate, the duet was very moving.... a great natural actress with a lovely singing voice.

Rachel Harris gave a great mature performance with a beautiful singing voice.

Olivia Paige smith really suited the part, again a very mature performance with a comical feel.

Well done to the other lead roles and to the ensemble. The acting and singing was outstanding as usual.

There was so much talent in the room, a very slick and professional performance by all at Tiffany Theatre College as usual. This college is highly recommended by us.

We are sure the other graduates are going to be just as amazing!

Thank you for the invite. Looking forward to watching the streaming of this production.

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