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really enjoyed watching the first showcase at Bird College. This college is highly recommended by us, they always produce such professional shows.


The leading ladies Ruth played by Megan Dransfield and Eileen played by Martha Banks-Thompson, were absolutely brilliant in every way! Great American accents, funny, great acting and superb singing!

Frank, played by Cerith Freeman had us in stitches, such a great character!

All the leads were brilliant as well as the ensemble. We were so impressed with the professional, high energy performance of all these young graduates. The acting and singing.... brilliant with a great comical element to this performance.

The choreography and the way this was put together was also superb!

Really enjoyed watching Bird graduates again this year, it has been a difficult year so it was nice to get out and see these young graduates doing what they love! You should all be very proud of yourselves!

We wish you all every success in the future!

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