Frank Holder Management are here to help and advise you, we understand that when you first look to join or change an agency, you may not know exactly what to look for, what you have to do or what this entails. There may be many questions that you feel the need to ask and that is why we are here to help and guide you! 

FHM Artistes 

Frank Holder Management represent actors, dancers, singers, models, unique artistes and extras of all ages and experience. The FHM Team provide a stepping stone into the industry and are regularly in contact with Casting Directors and Producers. We aim to do our best to provide our artistes with as many casting opportunities as we can. 

FHM Graduates 

Finding work in the performing arts sector can seem impossibly competitive, so much so that many potential performers give up on their dreams before they have even started. The FHM Team comprise of very experienced members of staff who will help guide you on your journey. Everybody needs to start somewhere and Frank Holder Management have an interest in helping graduates and unrepresented performers as we appreciate how hard it is to get started. 

FHM Real Families 

Casting Directors and Producers are often seeking a diverse range of real families from across the UK and abroad. These families need to represent the different generations, races, and dynamics that everyone and anyone can relate to. The families should feel like a real blend of modern Britain, it’s important that the families feel natural and comfortable in front of the camera. FHM are always on the lookout for new families to add to their books as the demand in these for commercials has grown over the years.


FHM BAME Models & Talent

FHM was set up in memory of our patron “Frank Holder” one of the first black musicians to travel over with the RAF from Guyana in pursuit of a career in singing and entertainment. In the 1940s Frank started paving the way for many other black artistes using for singing and determination to succeed. This agency aims to continue his dream by providing a platform for other BAME artistes, helping the different nationalities shine across the UK and abroad. 

Terms & Conditions 

Please read the Terms & Conditions below carefully as together they form the binding contract (referred to you as this “contract”) between you (referred to as “you” or “your” “artiste”) and Frank Holder Management (referred to as “Frank Holder Management” FHM Team or “we” “us” or “our” “agency”). 

By submitting your application to be registered as an artiste with Frank Holder Management you agree to be bound by this contract. If there is anything you do not understand in these Terms & Conditions then please contact us.   There is no joining fee and you are not required to stay with us for a period time.  We do ask you to inform us in writing if you no longer wish us to represent you, however you need to fulfil all company contracts held with us before you terminate your contract.

You can apply to Frank Holder Management by completing and returning our registration form. You must agree to FHMs Terms & Conditions and provide complete and accurate responses to all the information requested on this form and your C.V.   


It is very useful for FHM to have your C.V. on file, please send them in an editable document including:- 

● Instagram, Facebook, Twitter names and profiles 

● Driver’s licence update. Do you drive? Do you have your own vehicle? 

● Current home address 

● Are you currently based in the UK or Abroad on a long term contract? 

● If you are abroad which country and for how long is the contact for? 

● Please send a copy of your current passport 

● Please send a copy of your driving licence 

● Do you have children? If yes, if a job comes up , would you be happy for them to be included if                    

   suitable?  If yes please send us snapshots/ages/dates of birth/hobbies and interests?

● Are you pregnant? If yes, please send your due date. 

● Do you or do you not wish to advertise gambling/alcohol products? 

● Any industry couples? 

● Languages, your first spoken language (mother tongue)? Any additional languages you speak fluently. ● Accent, your natural spoken accent? Any other accents you speak really well. 


It is the requirement and condition of Frank Holder Management that all artistes are registered with Spotlight.


Spotlight is the main portal where Casting Directors look for clients.  Artistes can only become a member of this reputable platform if registered with an agent and they are either young performers or they have the necessary training and credits as explained on the Spotlight web.

Casting professionals choose Spotlight to cast their projects because performers on Spotlight are recognised as the industry’s best. If you are not already a member, artistes can apply directly to join Spotlight, if you are under 25 we can send you an invitation to join.  Please check the website for how much Spotlight charge for membership which is payable directly to Spotlight. 

Once registered, please add us as an agent.

Artistes will be required to update their own details on Spotlight, including measurements, credits, show reels and photographs.

If you are over 25 and unable to join Spotlight as you do not meet the criteria, then please join  Frank Holder Management is a member of and we are now happy for our artistes to use this platform only if they cannot become a member of Spotlight.

We will be operating via in the same way as Spotlight and commission will be charged for any projects found using this platform.  Please join and name us as your agent.

Other Sources of  Work

Frank Holder Management will also source projects outside Spotlight and   This will be done by using our direct contacts in the industry, via Social Media and the FHM Team are always on the look out for new projects for their artistes.

Open Calls & Projects - Joining Other Agencies

If an Artiste attends an open call or project without going through Frank Holder Management we will not always charge commission.   Frank Holder Management do expect our artistes to check with us before attending any open calls or auditions as we will then be able to inform you whether or not we have already submitted you beforehand or if they are in the pipeline.   This is so important as it is not professional to double up on any castings.


When Frank Holder Management have or intend on submitting their artistes for the same open call or casting, then the Artiste will still always be liable to pay commission.    For instance, we already have connections with many cruise ships, holiday resorts, pantomime companies that also offer open castings.

If an artiste sources work themselves and we have not sourced or do not intend on submitting artistes for the same project, then Frank Holder Management will not take any commission.  However, if you decide that you would still rather go through us and provide us with all the details then the normal commission would still be charged.


Most Artistes on our books feel that using their Agent is much more professional, they understand that we have more experience when dealing with any contracts and that we will make sure that they are looked after for the duration of the project.  When we are involved in any projects this way then commission will be charged in the normal way.   Please feel free to name us as your agent when attending open auditions if you feel you need our support.

Frank Holder Management will agree to their artiste joining another agency as long as that particular agency does not offer exactly the same opportunities as us.  This would not be a good idea as all reputable agencies belong to Spotlight and the agencies would submit clients for the same work.  This could cause problems further down the line when an artiste is successful and both agents may be in a position to claim commission.  Frank Holder Management are supportive of their artistes obtaining further work with agencies that specialise in certain areas of the industry.  For example modelling, voiceovers, agencies focusing on work abroad etc.  Frank Holder Management would appreciate being informed of  any  intentions to join other agencies so that we can discuss whether this would be in your best interests.


Artistes are required to have high resolution, professional up to date photographs, these may need to be updated every year, especially if there has been a major change in the way you look. Artistes can update their own photographs on Spotlight. 

Please send your headshots and any full length professional photographs to us to keep on file.  You may do this by we transfer.


If needed, Frank Holder Management can download these from your Spotlight.  Please ensure that you have excellent showreels on your Spotlight.  These must show all of your talents e.g. acting, vocals, dance, voiceover, accents, languages

DBS (criminal record check) 

It is important that any artiste represented by us, (who may be working with children), to have a current DBS check.  If you do have one of these then please organise and provide us with a copy of your certificate. This is advantageous to have as if you are selected for a project, we may be asked to provide a copy, if you do not have one then you may lose out on a project.  A DBS can take up to six months to arrive but they do last for 3 years.


Fantastic news if you have been selected for an audition!   Once selected it is really important that you proceed as Casting Directors do remember the agency and name of the artiste and  otherwise they may feel that we are unreliable.


Always aim to arrive at least 10 minutes earlier, this will give you plenty of time to find the audition, to catch your breath, to read and prepare anything you may need before you go in to the audition.


A tape measure comes in hand and ensure you have our contact details to hand. Each audition is different, to be enjoyed, to gain experience and to have fun! 


Auditions can range from a few minutes to a whole day, so come prepared with plenty of food and drink! 

Auditions tend to be arranged between 24 hours or within a couple of days. We will let you know immediately we are given a casting, but sometimes we receive a call late in the evening for an audition the following morning. Theatre and stage shows usually give more notice. Bearing this in mind, it is important to think carefully about whether you can give this level of commitment. 

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to gain auditions and work for every artiste on our books, however, we can guarantee that we will make every effort on behalf of every artiste. 

The majority of the auditions are held in London, casting fees are never paid for TV, film or stage auditions but may be paid for commercials. Artistes will be expected to pay for their own travel and expenses. After you attend an audition, please feel free to email us to advise how it went. 

Feedback is rarely given after an audition and we are contacted only if given a recall, pencil or an engagement. 

Once the artiste has attended an audition, if they should be offered the job, it MAY NOT be turned down unless there are exceptional circumstances, if auditions are continually refused without good reason, you will be taken off our books. 

Self Tapes 

Self-tapes are becoming a popular medium in the audition process. Please research tips and read instructions carefully. If scripts are provided for any audition type, please treat them with the privacy and confidentiality demanded. 

Self-tapes should be treated as an audition and are a great way for Casting Directors to have access to an individual when there is limited time, based in another country or to give a clearer idea of what to expect prior to meeting the client in person. 

The script (sides) will be provided along with directions which should be read carefully. Filming can be undertaken on any phone and should be of the face and shoulders only and in landscape mode. An introduction by the artiste is always required, stating name, age and Agent. Read in a natural accent unless requested to do otherwise and if there is another character in the script this can be read by the parent, friend or sibling and must be off camera. 

Try to use natural sun/daylight in a bright room and a plain background. Plain wall/sheet or screen. The artiste should act/read the lines to the other person off camera and ignore the camera. 

Do not upload video to You Tube or social media as scripts must be treated as strictly confidential. Completed videos can then be transferred to Frank Holder Management using WeTransfer, Vimeo, Dropbox or WhatsApp. 

Title the video with the artistes name, age, part they are reading for and Frank Holder Management. 


You must continually update your availability with us and give any dates you are unavailable for auditions and/or work. If you do not keep us informed and we must turn down auditions or work because of this, we may consider this to be an unacceptable refusal of work, and we will send notification to take you off our agencies books. 

Please also update telephone/mobile numbers and email addresses when necessary. 

Confirmed Professional Booking 

Congratulations!! If you are successful in obtaining a project, the Casting Directors will contact us to let us know, they should not contact you directly. If this should happen, please tell them to call us and then call us yourself to let us know they have been in touch. 

Frank Holder Management will negotiate the contact and go through the details with you. You may get a call from wardrobe a few days before and the call sheet often the night before. Artistes MUST be polite, well behaved and listen to instruction from the cast and crew. 

When not filming or rehearsing the artiste must be quiet and calm on set or in the wings. Mobile phones are a NO NO on set so ensure you turn off or place on silent, DO NOT ask for selfies and NEVER upload images to social media as this will be in breach of the contract. Also, DO NOT announce anything on social media (unless shared by us) as the artiste may be pulled out of the job. DO NOT change your appearance in any way from the time you are booked (such as a hair cut) Keep travel receipts in case expenses to be claimed. All in all it will be a fabulous experience for you, so please do your best and enjoy your time on the project.

Payment of Fees 

Payments from Production Companies are sent to Frank Holder Management directly and money is held for artistes in a secure separate account as required by law. All artistes should give their account details for payment. When we receive payment for any artiste, we deduct our commission and pay the artiste the balance. We charge  15%  commission  for Theatre , Cruise Ships and Entertainment Resorts and 20% commission for film, television, commercials and modelling.  (If the payment for a particular project is very low we may decide to reduce the commission to 10%, this is entirely at this Agencies discretion.) Commission is payable to FHM on the gross rate paid on any audition and projects processed directly through our agency. 

Production Companies often take a long time to make payments to artistes - this can be 6 months or more. We invoice if required to do so and chase payments as much as possible, but Frank Holder Management accept no responsibility for non-payment of fees due from any Production Company or any Casting Agent. 

Bank Details 

Artistes must have their own bank or building society account and money will be paid directly to the artiste. Please provide us with your bank details along with your National Insurance Number. 

Your Details and Data Privacy Under the Data Protection Act 

Frank Holder Management hold personal information for artistes in a secure location. We will use your details only for purposes related to this contract, or as agreed by you or permitted by law, including contacting you with offers of bookings and details of other productions, we are casting for, and about other services related to your bookings. 


If at any time you wish your details to be deleted from our records, please advise us in writing and we will remove with immediate effect. You are responsible for the accuracy of all your details you provide to us in your application and keeping your details up to date.  You can contact us at any time to update your details. 

Reviewing FHMs Books

Frank Holder Management will be reviewing all talent on their books in March/April and August/September time.  This will give FHM the opportunity to review all talent on their books and the Team may decide that they think an artiste may be better placed with another agent. Also, this will give all artistes the opportunity to decide whether or not they wish to continue to be represented by FHM.

Termination of Contract with FHM

If you no longer wish to be represented by FHM you must email us giving four weeks notice. 

You cannot terminate your contract with us if you have been successful in obtaining a contract whilst you are with FHM.  You would need to wait until after you have completed the contract and FHM will still be able to charge commission until the contract is completed.

We wish you every success and The FHM Team will do our best to support you at all times.


By signing and/or accepting electronically the Terms & Conditions along with the Registration Form, you are agreeing to having read, understood and to abide by all the Terms & Conditions.