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FHM  aim to promote talent of all ethnicities in the world of entertainment.  Our Patron paved the way for black artistes in the UK and abroad. We wish to continue his legacy and strive to ensure that we pride opportunities for BAME artistes.  All talent is important to us and all talent should be able to shine!


BAME role models and leaders are important for increasing diversity in the Performing Arts Industry.  Seeing BAME artistes in the spotlight builds ambition in young people and motivates individuals to step into a career in the arts.

DIVERSITY in both stage and television productions matters because an accurate portrayal of society affects both the over-and under-represented groups of. society. Whereas an inaccurate, often offensive portrayal is harmful to both entire communities and also individual people.

"Representation matters.  Representation impacts people. Every one deserves to have their story told."

"Be visible:  Your work and career as a BAME artiste can inspire others."

"Difference encourages richness in the world of performing arts".


"The stage needs to reflect the diversity of the UK.  The arts are for everyone".



FHM Bame Talent
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